CrossFit Blacksmith Athletes to Compete at Battle of the East!

“The Battle of the East is a GCC held Fitness competition hosting hundreds of athletes from all corners of the globe. This year, it will be held in Kuwait once again. There is an individual competition for all GCC locals and the Super Team Cup for teams of 3. This year CrossFit BlackSmith is excited to announce we have an individual in the Masters Division (35+years) and a team in the Team Division. We would like to congratulate and wish our team athletes Mohamed Nass, Tiaan Botha, and Qassim Khunji, as well as our Masters athlete, Shem Roberts, all of the best over the following weekend. Be sure to support our athletes in spirit and over the live stream throughout the weekend. All info will be posted on our Instagram account. Make sure to follow us for updates!

Note: Sunday 5th of November 6:00am and 8:30am classes will be canceled due to the Battle of the East this weekend. Sunday 6:00am will be moved to Monday 6:00am. All other classes will carry on as normal.