A New Coach Joins the CrossFit Blacksmith Family!

CrossFit Blacksmith welcomes its newest coach, Tiaan Botha. With extensive experience in training and coaching various athletic levels, Tiaan will play an important role as the new member of the CF973 family.

Starting with Martial Arts at the age of 4, Tiaan began playing more and more sports as the years went by. In his final year of high school, he started CrossFit training at his local box in South Africa to improve his fitness for his upcoming Water Polo season. However, he fell in love with the challenge of CrossFit, and so he left all other competitive sports to pursue his career in it. Later that same year he started interning as a coach, and later received his first official certificate the year after that.

The next year, Tiaan specialized in CrossFit Gymnastics and received his certificate, shortly after receiving his CrossFit Level 2. With a total of 5 years coaching experience and training with a wide variety of athletes, Tiaan takes pride in being in a position to help others improve their lives, a journey that helped him improve his own life.

Welcome to the family, Coach T!