What Kind of Classes does CrossFit Blacksmith Offer?

CrossFit Blacksmith offers four different types of classes, each with its own benefit.


CrossFit in a technical sense is a “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity” training program.  What that means is we take movements that can be useful in a variety of different sports to create the ultimate training program designed to burn fat, build muscle, and, in general, make you a better, fitter person than you were when you first walked into the Box.  The format of the class involves a short warm-up, a skill or strength session, and then the Workout-of-the-Day (WOD).   Prescribed weights and movements for the Skill/Strength and WOD sessions in CrossFit are called Rx (like the pharmaceutical symbol).  These are standard for athletic levels for the Box, but can be scaled down for athletes according to their skill level or any conditions/injuries that may inhibit them from performing those movements safely.  You must inform the coach about any pre-existing conditions or injuries before starting the class.


Pure-Fit is designed for those who want to burn fat and build muscle, but are not necessarily interested in learning all the technical movements does not involve olympic lifting. The program focuses on good movement and high intensity training, making sure to build strength in the process. This class is perfect for those who want a good, hard workout without having to spend a portion of the class learning new movements. 

Morning Chipper 

Our Morning Chipper is a fun community event where we get together in the gym and do a team workout.  We advise you to bring a friend with you to  join the fun of training together.  No specific prerequisite fitness level is required.  Everything can be taught in the class and anyone from anywhere is welcome to join.  The class starts with a warm-up, and then athletes dive straight into the workout.  This class is held once a week on Saturday mornings.